Wednesday, February 03, 2016

I heart donuts

jeans, coat & belt: topshop - top: zara - sneakers: converse - sunnies: asos

I bought this top in support of donuts and mix tapes everywhere. But seriously, how cute is this badge trend going around? It adds something cute and childish to an outfit - something I'm a fan of now that I'm a wrinkly old adult. 

Not gonna lie I don't have much more to say on the matter so, ciao for now. xoxo 


Monday, February 01, 2016

Not Blue Suede

jacket & boots: zara - jeans: topshop - sweater & sunnies: asos

I was sat here, trying to think of a witty remark or, if in a dire state of desperation, a song lyric relating to suede for the title of this post and all I could think of was blue suede shoes; well I'm wearing a brown suede jacket so that poses quite a predicament. Brown suede, and any brown material for that matter, seems severely unrepresented in pop culture, while blue goes and gets all the attention - we have Blue Suede Shoes, Blue Jeans, Blue Velvet, and what the hell we even have Lucky Blue (totally just included him to post nice pictures of an attractive male). Where is the brown suede people!?!?!?! Looks like I have some song writing to do.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


coat & jeans: zara - shirt: topshop - stan smiths: office - sunglasses: asos

I'm a big lover of the Scandi style; the minimalism and simplicity of it is just perf. I'm always up for looking effortless so if I'm able to just throw on a pair of ripped jeans, stans and a plain coat I will (shirt also included), I can't be bothered with accessorizing and all that jazz; I've all but stopped wearing jewellery, mainly because I lost most of it, but ya know...still. I take a lot of my inspiration from those trendy Scandinavians. 

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