Thursday, January 28, 2016


coat & jeans: zara - shirt: topshop - stan smiths: office - sunglasses: asos

I'm a big lover of the Scandi style; the minimalism and simplicity of it is just perf. I'm always up for looking effortless so if I'm able to just throw on a pair of ripped jeans, stans and a plain coat I will (shirt also included), I can't be bothered with accessorizing and all that jazz; I've all but stopped wearing jewellery, mainly because I lost most of it, but ya know...still. I take a lot of my inspiration from those trendy Scandinavians. 



  1. plot twist: i'm a scandinavian taking inspiration from you. you look lovely as per usual x

  2. Those sunglasses are so cool, definitely need a pair in my life. Love this look!

    Sophie | DenimMondays

  3. You look awesome! love those sunglasses and the scandi vibes xx

    isobel's personal style blog


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