Monday, January 25, 2016


sweatshirt & leather jacket: zara - jeans: asos - sneakers: adidas stan smith

So here we have my first post of twentydom and I can report no wrinkles are in sight yet. I think this is the first year since I can remember that I actually feel older; the teen is gone from my age and it's flippin' weird. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion that is my birthday, I bought myself some new Stan Smiths. My other pair are pretty grimy (note to self...don't wear stans with no socks all summer. they will stink forever) and also a half size too small, so I got these new babies. The back is a creamy grey kinda colour and I just love it, they're subtle and will go with literally everything. New age, new stans is what I say. 


  1. Stan Smiths are a great way to treat yourself! I am in love with the whole outfit too. And all I can say is, I wish I was 20 again. Love from a 29 year old blogger - wahhhhhh! xx


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