Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Tacky is the new trendy

If Gucci has taught us one thing in recent seasons, it’s that tacky is the new trendy. Yes. Kitsch is now cool kool.

Last term at uni I studied taste and ethics (the thrill was unreal), and we spent a good amount time discussing the concept of ‘kitsch’- the main question asked being: was it ugly? A question, to which a resounding majority, answered yes. But why? What is it about kitsch we all find so displeasing?

I will be the first to put my hand up and admit to thinking kitsch was pretty flippin’ ugly, but then I will also be the first to put my hand up and admit to absolutely LOVING Gucci’s AW16 collection – a complete contradiction if ever there was one. You see, before this collection opened my eyes, I related kitsch to old age, hoarding and yellowing doilies placed underneath teapots featuring a design of small dogs dressed in tartan. This wasn’t exactly a vibe I was looking to incorporate into my wardrobe. I dismissed it as ugly and, just like that, I had completely closed my mind to it.

So, when I found myself drooling over Gucci this season, I was confused. The clashing prints and patterned tights paired with maryjanes were everything I had previously deemed to be ugly, tacky and beyond unstylish, yet it all felt so right for some reason.

Ugly is merely a matter of taste, and after seasons upon seasons of minimalist everything, I guess I found it really refreshing to see a big fashion house say “hey – we’re going to make your grandmothers’ living room one of the most sought after trends in fashion.” YES GUCCI YES! We all love an underdog and this season Gucci let the underdog come out on top. The ugly duckling that was kitsch blossomed into a swan on the catwalk.

From the acceptance of double denim to the new obsession of pairing red with pink, both previously considered styling sins, is fashion suddenly throwing out the idea of ugly? It’s taking everything we used to deem fashion suicide, and making us all think twice. The world has become so obsessed with creating ideals of beauty, so I say it’s time shake that off and embrace all that is supposedly ‘ugly’ and ‘tacky’ and 'wrong', because at the end of the day it’s all subjective. If you want to wear tartan with florals – you do that. If you want to wear socks with sandals – be my guest. If you like metallic nylon topped with sequin embroidery – good for you. Go against everything High School Musical taught you and break that status quo. Who are we to judge?


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  1. I agree - I never thought I liked kitsch but I LOVE the Gucci collection. You can see how influential it is for other designers too, there are more and more similarly kitsch collections as the seasons go on.

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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