Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Victorian Grandma Chic

So I'm currently obsessed with this slip dress/top layering game. There's just something so wrong yet so right about layering them over a t shirt or blouse. I found this blouse stuffed in the bottom of one of my drawers, all but forgotten, but decided it would be perfect for this trend and (sorry to blow my own trumpet) I was right.

I know I'm giving off serious Victorian grandma vibes but do I care? Not really no. I'm all about the age of romanticism, and seeing as my love life is null and void atm  I'm afraid  a frilly blouse is  all the romance I'm getting in my life so I shall continue on with this vibe.

Slip top: Zara
Blouse: UO
Skirt: Asos
Stan Smiths: Office


  1. Okay so this is insanely awesome! You literally have the best style on the internet! I just love EVERYTHING you rock!


    P.S thanks so much for your comment on my latest post " Peeps need to stop making social rules for every social media platform cuz it's killing self expression" this really rang true! xo

  2. Looooove this layering deal going on and yeah Victorian grandma is like *goals* so keep killing it.


  3. Well now I need to get a slip dress to start layering with because this looks awesome.
    The blouse makes it, I love the sleeves.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  4. This outfit is absolutely perfect. I love the layering, and those bell sleeves are dreamy! The belt completes it so well.
    btw- Victorian grandma vibes are undoubtedly the ultimate vibes. x Alona


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