Friday, June 03, 2016

Tent Jeans

So the day I wore this it was freezing, but in my defense it's June now so I expected I could get away with it. Sadly June has brought with it 12 DEGREE WEATHER. Cheers June, really appreciate the gift but I'd like to exchange. However, I'm not one to be beaten by the weather so I wore this summery outfit seemingly undeterred by the arctic conditions out of spite. 

Jeans and trousers are my absolute go to, even in the height of summer (u hear me June? height of summer please) so I'm currently trying to expand my white pant collection. White is just the perfect summer colour and I'm willing to brave grass stains for it because it's true love. These are the first, and currently only pair, of white jeans in my stash. I found them in Urban Outfitters the other day and they just fit like a glove so I bought them. Oops. Paired with my beloved Stans and yet more denim this is a V Xenia outfit. Who doesn't love a good pant that resembles a tent? And yes, I decided to wear my jacket all funky and off the shoulders because I am FASHUN. I'm channeling my inner edge that I'm not sure even exists.

Also, I've got a brand spanking new blog laytout so do go and have a little explore. Check out the homepage, I dare you.

Top: Brandy Melville (similar here)
Jacket: Topshop
Shoes: Office (similar here)


  1. Love this outfit! I too braved the weather the other day in bare legs, a bit optimistic really ha x

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