Monday, July 04, 2016

My thoughts on Brexit

So, it’s been about a week and a half since the Brexit vote swept through the UK taking with it much of the country’s integrity and human decency, and now I'm ready to put my two cents into the continuous commentary that has inevitably followed.

If that opening wasn’t hint enough, I voted REMAIN and am honestly baffled by the result. I always thought the vote would be close because A) bigoted people will always jump on the chance to vote and B) many people felt alienated by both campaigns, but nonetheless I kept telling myself remain would win – it just had to right? Wrong.

Somehow the leave vote came out on top and the UK is now pretty screwed up for my generation and those doomed to follow. While I understand the EU is a flawed institution and could do with some reforms, I also greatly understand that Europe is better together, finally coexisting in peace and harmony after a few turbulent and war ridden years. To be united is to be safer and happier.

Sadly that will no longer be the case for us Brits, and what’s even sadder is this result came about mostly due to racism and xenophobia. Had people actually voted to leave because they wanted out of a flawed system, I could at some point possibly start to stomach the result, however that isn’t the case. In the end, the leave vote came down to immigration. A rather large handful of Brits are so offended that people from all over the world see the UK as such a wonderful country offering peace and prosperity for its citizens. Somehow, due to their sheer luck of being born here they think it’s their right to have this country to themselves. If anyone needs to leave this country, it’s those with this skewed mind set of privilege.

Personally, I am not okay with living in a country that let xenophobia and racism dictate the future for generations who are the furthest thing from those words. The most liberal and accepting generations that have ever existed are now going to have to live in a country where people think it’s now okay to terrorise anyone who isn’t white or has an accent because ‘the leave vote won’. Brexit doesn’t make this behaviour acceptable.

I was worried about my future before Brexit, but now I’m just down right stressed and dreading it. 75% of 18-24 year olds, the generation who will be spending the next 70 years living with the result, voted to REMAIN. Roughly the same amount of 65+, that generation who will be dead soon and not have to live with it, voted to leave. Sadly, as I’ve already said, it’s older bigoted people who are always more likely to get up and vote because the world is messed up like that. Also, both the remain and leave campaigns were HOPELESS and full of lies (Oi Farage, how’s that £350 million for the NHS coming on?) and so devoid of any concern for the younger generations that we all felt completely alienated.

I’ve also heard people saying that Brexit means democracy has won. I strongly beg to differ. As a result, David Cameron has resigned and the country will soon be run by a Prime Minister we didn’t vote for. Tell me again how that is democracy winning? I would never in a million years vote in Boris Johnson, Michael Gove or George Osbourne but guess what – none of us have a say on this one.

Honestly, writing about this is rehashing all the feelings of anger I’ve been trying to put to the back of my mind in order to enjoy summer so I’m going to wrap this up. In my opinion, Brexit has ruined the UK. While we may be able to bring the economy back round in 21361984732684619 years, I doubt the UK will ever be able to bring back its good reputation.  All the UK is left with now is bigoted xenophobes and cynical young people who have witnessed their futures plunge into ruin.

Brexit can suck it.



  1. To me personally, brexit doesn't affect me. But I do wished those who vote remain outnumber those who vote leave. I may not be very much knowledgeable about the situation. But the aftermath of this vote has made me feel sick in my stomach. Mostly due to racism and xenophobia. Hearing what happened to foreigner who live there and how they got treated after the vote was very heartbreaking. I hope there will be a solution to this chaos.

  2. I completely agree with this post, I'm 17 therefore didn't get the chance to vote but if I had I would have voted remain. Nobody saw the bigger scale of what they're small vote would lead to, it saddens me that the younger generation will suffer due to the 'traditional' views of the elderly. If people genuinely cared about our country they'd have researched instead of assuming leave would rid England of immigrants which is totally wrong! How can we ever evolve and grow as a country when nobody has the support to make the best decisions and the confidence to lead?

    Infinity of fashion// Lucy Jane

  3. I don't really experience the Brexit but I can feel you.



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