Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Not Gucci, but the fringe is real

Bonjour amigos. Let's just get straight into the life updates here.

So I'm on summer hols, awaiting my final year of uni aka the year of doom. I went out and got myself a job while I'm at home so say hello to Xenia the M&S cafe assistant babe, serving old people jacket potatoes like you've never seen someone serve old people jacket potatoes before. I also make a mean latte with latte art gone wrong (let's just say the heart turned out looking like a different...external bodily organ). Oh and I got a fringe courtesy of moi. I tried to re-cut two bits of hair the hairdresser had previously cut and well, now I have a fringe so that venture obviously went to plan. I also got some great Gucci loafer dupes that feel like I'm walking on clouds and I wear all the time so hoorah for that.

I know I've been quiet on the blog but I'm just trying to keep it casual ya know, keep that pressure off. If you want more frequent life and style updates do make sure to hit me up on insta, it's a real partay over there.


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  1. Cuuutttee outfit!! Those Gucci loafer dupes are definitely a hit, love them.


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