Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Full Circle

Gonna start this post off with a warning - if you wear a t shirt with a gorilla on expect to be asked 27140325703140 times if it's Harambe RIP. 

Recently I've been on a mission to expand my graphic tee collection because they're just fail safe pieces to have and, depending on the design, can easily switch up a look. I love juxtaposing them with my suit jacket and denim for that dressed up-dressed down vibe. This tee in particular is a newish number from Brandy Melville, my go to place for tees. I guess it's good then that I just got a job there. 

Today I officially graduated from university. I wore that cap and gown and strutted across that stage. It was actually pretty overwhelming! It feels as though the last three years of my life, some of the toughest but best years, have come full circle today and it's truly the end of an era. It's onto the next adventure now. Post uni life is a bizarre roller coaster. It's stressful but amazing all at the same time. I've always had the goal to stay in London after I graduate no matter what and I'm actually achieving that goal and it feels so good to know I can do whatever I set my mind and heart on. I've not found that 'proper grown up 9-5' career job yet but that will happen when it happens. For now I'm going to be working at one of my favourite clothing stores and being creative in my spare time and that's great. I was working in a bar before this doing five night shifts in a row so I'm pretty excited to get my normal sleep pattern and energy back. But life is an adventure and I'm a firm believer that there is no set way to do life. Everyone has to follow their own path and figure life out in their own way and own time and that's what I'm doing. I'm 21, I'm still young. 

Tee - Brandy Melville (similar vibe here)
Skirt - Topshop 
Shoes - Converse
Suit jacket - Vintage
Bumbag - Vintage


  1. I love this entire outfit! Amazing styling!

  2. Wow. This one outfit looks really impressive on your and I hope that it would be a comfortable outfit to wear in summer season.
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