Thursday, July 20, 2017

Not on holiday

Today I'm serving my best 'I'm pretending to be in a hot, sunny Mediterranean beach town' vibes. Sadly, these pics were taken a mere 30 second trek from my front door here in London. I've not actually had the chance to go on holiday yet this year which is kinda lame but oh well. I actually managed to pick up a serious tan (not that these photos show it whatsoever, thanks midday sun) during the heatwave a few weeks back, so I look like I've been holiday and if anyone asks...let's just say I won't say no.

I feel like a blue denim skirt, flowing white shirt and a basket are this summer's uniform. I've always been a fan of minimal effort in summer so I'm all for it. I don't have the patience to mess around with prints and a ton of colour, I just need pieces I can throw on, look cute and be out that front door in time to pretend I'm on holiday. This basket is one of my newest thrifted pieces and I love it. On the high street a nice basket bag costs anywhere between £20-£50 and I personally think that is bizarre for a bit of wicker, so I'm afraid my £3.50 charity shop find will have to suffice. And let's be real, for £3.50 you can't really go wrong.

Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Topshop
Basket: Thrifted
Sandals: ASOS

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